Friday, April 5, 2013

Taking a Hike

Each day after breakfast, we take a hike up the base of the Mt. here in Flagstaff. The mountain is surrounded by beautiful foothills and the house is nestled right up in the folds of the granite rocks. So all we have to do is lace up our tennis shoes and get moving.

These hikes are not an easy stroll but neither are they full on mountain climbing. The hike gets you breathing deep and steady and requires that your full attention be on each step you take. (At least that is the case for me.) I am rather notorious among my close friends and family for being a klutz. So, several (ok more than several), times this morning, I stumbled over rocks or roots. It became a regular theme for our laughter and conversation. Even though my family blames the clumsiness, I know the real reason I kept tripping.

I didn't want to spend every hike looking down at my feet, at each step I had to take. I preferred to look up, at the beauty of the trees and mountains. But in looking up, I would miss judge the placement of my next step. The more treacherous the territory, the more focused I became on every step I took. This is how the past year and a half has been for me. The path that God has led me on has not been an easy, walk in the park. But the scenery has been spectacular. And though I have longed to reflect on all of the beauty of this journey, each step has required my full attention. 

One foot in front of the other and you eventually get to take in the best view of all...

The view from the top.


  1. The view from the top is breathtaking...light coming out of the darkness. Thanks for sharing.

  2. One foot in front of the other and you eventually get to take in the best view of all...

    This is so true. I came out of a 37 year drug addiction just over 7 years ago. I am a full-time volunteer missionary teacher now. I said for many years that a little bit everyday (God's word) or one grain of sand everyday and eventually you will have a mountain to stand on, PTL!