Friday, March 16, 2012

Colouring in Sydney!

Well we have been busy girls, here in Australia!

This morning we woke and enjoyed a wonderful breakfast together at the hotel. Then we were wisked off to the Sydney Entertainment Center for the first gathering of the morning. We arrived a bit late and lost our seats, so we were way up top.

The view was rather magnificent but I'm a front row kinda girl. But in spite of our backseat status, Ms. Beth Moore drew us in with her humor and expository word. It was the first time for her to minister here at Colour and she fit right in. The worship and word are both at the level we are accustomed to but what really sets this conference apart is the media input and the fun, fancy touches of whimsy that float from the brilliant mind of Bobbi Houston. Today there was a spectacular element with Beatles music and girls on bicycles pulling loads of balloons behind them. It was just beautiful and fun, fun, fun!!!

We were given a short break after Beth's session and then the afternoon gathering gave us an update on their endeavors addressing womanity around the world.

We were polished up and ready to be picked up for the evening service at 6:30. One of the young men from Hillsong Church drove us through the bustling city to a close drop off at the convention center. We rushed in to great seats and let out a big sigh. Worship was wonderful then Bobbi introduced my sweet friend, Priscilla. Her word was right on and well received. She sure looked beautimous on that big stage!! Loved her message! Just love her...

Priscilla and Beth will both be speaking again tomorrow so I'm jazzed about that. I am falling into bed right now after a beautiful, full day! This is a once in a lifetime trip and we are soaking it all in! Maybe we can bring a group of ladies in the future....:))

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  1. Sound so exciting. I look forward to going to this conference one day. Glad you're having a great time!