Wednesday, May 11, 2011

That Thing YOU DO!

The past few weeks have been extra busy for me. Several weeks ago I had book writing and editing going. Then final touches and approvals on design. Printing, signing and all on top of an already full schedule of meetings and church services. Releasing a new book is like having another child. There is much preparation and anticipation mixed with the internal private work of writing. And then after the release, the public work begins.

So after the push to complete a creative project, I should be relieved, right?

I am happy to have successfully completed a project but unfortunately finishing is not my favorite part. In fact, I drag the creative process out as long as possible. And when it's over, I am in search of something else to create. It might be as simple as an afternoon of photography or painting, writing a blog entry or cooking dinner. Or it may be as extravagant as creating a new endeavor or ministry department (or, my husband forbid, start a new book :-/ .) I know, too many "or's". But I like choices, that is a big part of the pull of creativity for me, the possibilities.

It is more clear to me now than ever before, that God gifts each of us with a deep desire, a compulsion, to DO something. For me, this something, is to CREATE.


I don't know why it has taken me 37 years to see this so clearly. Now that I see what it is that I 'have' to do, it is much easier to see this in the lives of those I know really well. My dad has to restore old things. My mother has to celebrate everything! Recognizing that I have to create, shifts things significantly in my life. I want to do more of what I know God has gifted me to do.

But let me frame this for you.

If I were to set up a craft table in the middle of my house, quit my job and declare that I am doing so, just because, "I HAVE TO CREATE!"...I would be using my passion and gifting to create all right...but I would be creating a huge imbalance.

How do I continually create and maintain balance?

First, I have to identify various forms of creativity so that I can identify where my gift and passion are most applicable to each situation. The thing I like to do the least, is to work through conflicts. I don't like conflict. If it were my own conflict with someone I would have to confront it in order to get any sleep at all. But usually the conflicts I am called in on are not my own. All of my occupations (mother, wife, leader, employer and pastor) require that I often use my conflict resolution skills to elevate various situations. So in order to tackle all my responsibilities, I have had to reframe my perspective about creativity. I don't want to run from something just because it appears at first glance not to offer any creative outlet. I found that looking at my most unlikable duty (conflict resolution) through a creative lens, allows me to see it as "creating an opportunity for growth" not just solving a problem. In this way, I can use my gift and passion to bring balance. I am still creating. And most importantly, I am using my creativity for God's purpose in my life.

Psalm 20:4 - May he grant you according to all your hearts desire and fulfill all your purpose.

Our passions and gifts were given to us, by God, to heal and restore our surroundings. Using my desire to create, in the context of this original intent, is the ultimate defining of "reigning in life."

I mentioned my father's passion for restoring things. This gift is used in bringing wholeness to broken lives as well as restoring older cars or dilapidated buildings. My mother is known for her heart for giving. Her gift and passion for celebration incorporates celebrating the individual for their uniqueness as well as over-the-top occasions. She looks for an opportunity to celebrate in everything. This is worship. Whenever any one of us uses our God-given gift, we are worshiping the giver. When I create, my dad restores and my mother celebrates, each of us are elevating something natural to the supernatural.

I encourage you to identify what it is you HAVE TO DO. And then, don't run away from your life to do that thing. Run into your life and fulfill it, by doing that thing you do!

What is it you HAVE TO DO?


  1. and for some reason..i think of ...the song too...even though the lyrics don't match up....

    i'm doing that thang i do! HAHAHAH!

    good stuff.