Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Lady in The Blue Car

Chick-fil-a always has a long drive-through line, around lunch time. They are so efficient in cutting the waiting time in half, by sending attendants out to take your order before you get to the speaker menu. Knowing that Chick-fil-a gets slammed around noon, I usually wait till the crowd subsides before driving over for my favorite salad. A few days ago, I went a bit too early and I hit the end of a very long line. This line wrapped around the building and I was at the end of it. As I sat in my car thinking about how discouraging it might be for the person who gets in line behind me, I decided to do something fun. Everyone hates to rush up to buy something only to see a long weary line ahead. So, I made up my mind to pay the bill for the person who would pull up behind me. I had been the 100th customer at Chick-fil-a twice before and knew that after all the waiting, having your meal paid for, felt like a special message from God saying, "I see you, I know where you are, I can bless you any time I want."

Still the caboose in a train of hungry cars, I made the turn around the front playground area. The line had really gone down, and no one else had come up to join me at the back. The line that was once wrapped wholly around the building was now only half what it was. I had been in line for about fifteen minutes, so I realized I wasn't going anywhere fast. Within a few quick seconds a blue car comes in the front entrance. And instead of going around the building to join the line (as everyone else had), this car wedged its way into the four foot space in front of my car. I was in a convertible, so I graciously twirled my hand in a gesture to say, "join the line around that way." I am sure this lady was expecting something ugly in terms of a response from me. So she turned her body with her back completely against her door which was perpendicular to me. I said nothing. Just smiled. (which confused her whispering passenger.) She knew what she was doing when she cut in line. What she didn't know is that she was cutting herself off from a blessing.

I knew that just moments before I had decided to buy lunch for the car who came behind me. Butting in line had cost her more than she would know. When she got her food, I realized how big a blessing. It looked as if she was buying lunch for a whole daycare. It took three employees to bring out all the food she ordered. She could have had it all, without the cost. If only she had found her place in line. If only she had been willing to wait. In looking at the condition of her vehicle it was clear that she could have used a little blessing. I ended up buying a cool wrap and an arnold palmer for the man behind me. The only person who forfeited their blessing was the one who really needed it. All because she wasn't willing to wait behind one more car.

It made me think. How many times have I tried to jump the line and skip the waiting process?
I don't know about you but the waiting game wears me out.

Reasons we might cut in line and miss God's blessing...
I don't deserve to wait any longer...
Other people can get over it.
We are all responsible for ourselves, and I'm gonna get mine.
This is the way of the world.

All the reasons I can think of are ideals of self-servitude. Self-servitude is the humanistic line of thinking where we feel we must strong arm our blessing. We become the judge and jury, securing our own way. This is a game we play where we decide what rewards and recompense are deserved based upon our selfish premise.

A string of circumstances in the span of one morning gone wrong, can cause us all to fall into an attitude of self-servitude.The lady in the blue car probably endured many discouragements and God meant for her to get an encouraging message from Him. And she missed the message that could have fed her much more deeply than a value sized #1 with sweet tea.

I want to wait for God's best for me! How about you?!


  1. Thanks for the reminder! I was just thinking this morning about patience with regard to seasons in life. It is so easy to get frustrated and want to take the "shortcut" to the drive-through window, taking the vision God has given you into your own hands to speed up the process. It is hard to understand the things He gives us to do, that sometimes take years and "seem" unrelated to anything. But our shortcuts leave us ill-prepared or carrying baggage (ex. Ishmael). He really knows best. (Prov. 14:12; 3:6)

  2. so glad you are WRITING heeeeeeeeeeeere!!! yes i wanna WAIT for God's best...I did it with my husband, why would i not apply this to the rest of my life? !!! AH!!!!!.......

  3. True, true. Last week I was returning from Hobby Lobby, going up Trinity Mills to the church. A box truck was in front of me and I slid over to the right lane behind a car and small pickup, thinking I'd get there a lot faster. As we approached the intersection, the car in front of the pickup slowed down to turn right. By the time the pickup recovered it's speed, the light was changing and the box truck was already on the other side. I thought, "You should have kept the pace instead of looking for a shortcut" Faster is not always better.

  4. This is awesome! Thank you so much for sharing this!!!

  5. Wow! How many times have each of us "made our own way" instead of waiting on the Lord. This is great encouragement because it is just another confirmation of something the Holy Spirit has been saying to me ever since the beginning of the year..."Run in your own lane". It may not sound like the same thing but for me it is just a reminder to allow Him to set the pace for my life and not run at someone else's pace or get out of step for any reason. Keeping the rhythm He sets for me will allow me to encounter God's blessing and favor at just the right time when they are needed!


  6. Great post. A friend shared this on facebook and I'm glad I took time to check it out!